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Charles M. Means to speak at PMAA 70th Annual Conference & Trade Show

On August 28, 2012, Chuck will serve as a panelist in the PMAA Conference’s “Best Methods of Handling/Controlling Delinquencies” program. The presentation will discuss the challenges of keeping utility payments up to date, resulting in the increase in the rate of delinquencies. The panelists will discuss the best methods to use to control these delinquencies and the legal guidelines that should be followed.

The PMAA (Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association) was established “to assist authorities in providing services that protect and enhance the environment, to present a united and common front in advocating favorable legislation and opposing detrimental legislative proposals, and to promote economic vitality and the general welfare of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its citizens.” The PMAA represents more than 700 municipal authorities across the state, all of which provide drinking water, sewage treatment, waste management, and recreational and community projects.

Chuck serves as Solicitor and Special Counsel in many areas of local government. He is also a Solicitor to water, sewage and recreation authorities and an expert in authority board member law and ethics, law counseling and finance. Chuck is an avid speaker throughout the region on numerous local government-related topics.