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Sheriff's Sales

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To review our list of FAQs, please review the disclaimer below.

GRB Law serves as legal counsel to the City of Philadelphia for the collection of delinquent real estate taxes.  The information provided below is public information. Its accuracy is not guaranteed. It is not intended as legal advice or guidance to any bidder and it does not constitute representations or warranties by either GRB Law or the City of Philadelphia relating to the title, physical condition or location of any property identified. Buyers assume all risks associated with bidding or purchasing any property at Sheriff’s Sale. Good and marketable title is not guaranteed to any successful purchaser. Each bidder is responsible for conducting his or her own title examination and to the extent possible, should attempt to determine the physical condition and to verify the location of a property before making a bid. Bidders are cautioned that neither GRB Law nor the City of Philadelphia can offer any bidder access to any property or structure prior to Sheriff’s Sale. GRB Law cannot guarantee that any property listed below will be offered for sale on the date of the scheduled Sheriff’s Sale. Properties may be removed from the sale list or continued to a future sale date at any time prior to sale. A Sheriff’s Sale is a public auction. GRB Law cannot provide any advantage to any interested purchaser at or prior to Sheriff’s Sale. Successful bidders are those persons making the highest bid and complying with the published conditions of sale and all other applicable laws. Bidders should consider consulting a real estate and/or legal professional for guidance before bidding.

To download the listing of our upcoming August 22, 2019 Sheriff Sale, click here.




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