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Municipal Creditors Rights

GRB Law is the leading Pennsylvania law firm engaged in the collection of taxes and municipal claims pursuant to the Pennsylvania Municipal Claim and Tax Lien Law (“MCTLL”).  Our attorneys represent a significant and diverse group of boroughs, townships, school districts and authorities.  For example, GRB Law serves as Special Legal Counsel to the County of Allegheny and its Treasurer in the collection of delinquent and liened real estate, hotel, alcoholic beverage and vehicle rental taxes.  Similarly, we serve as Special Legal Counsel to the City and School District of Pittsburgh and to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.  We also represent the City and School District of Philadelphia in the collection of past due and delinquent real estate taxes.

GRB Law serves as counsel to Jordan Tax Service, Inc., the Tax Officer for the Allegheny County Central and Southwest Allegheny County Tax Collection Districts pursuant to Act 32, which governs the consolidated collection of local earned income and net profits taxes. We provide legal support and enforcement services to dozens of political subdivisions in the collection of delinquent real estate taxes, sewage and garbage claims, amusement, business privilege/mercantile, mechanical device, local services and per capita taxes.

The Municipal Creditors Rights Group works closely with our taxing body clients to create a collection model that emphasizes collection first and legal action second. Nevertheless, we also recognize that in some instances, the initiation of a legal action is necessary to prompt certain delinquent taxpayers to make payment. Sheriff’s Sales can also be an important tool for eliminating neighborhood blight and returning abandoned and tax delinquent properties to the active tax rolls.

For more information regarding our upcoming August 22, 2019 Sheriff's Sale in Philadelphia, please click here.

If you are a Philadelphia taxpayer and need additional information about tax collection in the City and School District of Philadelphia, please click here.

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