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Family & Collaborative Law

Among the most emotional decisions that you will make in your life are those related to marriage and your family.  When things don’t turn out as you had planned, issues like divorce, child support and custody as well as the myriad of issues that are collectively known as family law will come into play. It takes a team of attorneys with both the knowledge and the sensitivity to handle these very personal issues, protecting your rights while also being sensitive to the emotions behind decisions.  

With approximately 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, premarital agreements are becoming more common as a pre-emptive attempt to protect you and your assets should your marriage end. If things do go wrong, our attorneys are experts in traditional divorce, custody litigation, child support, spousal support and protection from abuse.  

Additionally, today’s couples are looking toward healthier options when a marriage ends.  Collaborative divorce strives to remove the negativity of traditional divorce and focus on a positive outlook for a new future, while co-parenting promotes a healthy positive environment during and after divorce. Our family law attorneys are trained and certified in the Collaborative Law process and can help guide you through a more comfortable process, focusing on a positive future. 

While our attorneys definitely believe in the “happily ever after” of many marriages, we are there to help you if things don’t follow that path, using all the tools in our expertise base, to achieve a more positive end result. 

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Collaborative Divorce
Division of Assets and Debts

Traditional Divorce & Custody Litigation
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Equitable Distribution
Protection from Abuse

Post Divorce Planning
General Powers of Attorney